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How we do - our process

We are an online staffing agency for premium home-care services in and around Barcelona. Based on our years of experience and recruitment methodology, we match international and national families with our mainly Filipino high-end nannies, fostering long-term relationships based on service quality and mutual trust.

Filipinos have for a long time, received a very positive feedback for being patient, caring, honest, friendly and hardworking.

Our service does not stop just in matching candidates, but we provide the whole service and support, before, during and after the hiring process which will result in making it much easier for you and your candidate.

Each personal introduction is made on a selective, one-to-one basis after careful consideration of factors such as social and economic backgrounds, family values and interests, spiritual beliefs and personalities.

Our service includes the following:

Advising the CLIENT on the obligations and labor regulations in Spain.
Publish the job vacanciy.
Organize interviews and recruitment events.
Selection of candidates and preparation of candidate lists for clients to interview
Interview and evaluate potential applicants and match them with job vacancies
Provide labor advice on rights and contractual relationship (payroll, vacations, leave, etc.)
Negotiate the contract to find the most suitable agreement between the parties
Promote marketing of vacancies
Ensure the CLIENT’s details remain anonymous
Drafting of the employment contract between the worker and the employer.
Verification of the veracity of the personal data of the candidates, including identity documents or a criminal record certificate.
Peace of mind, we got your cover! 

Our selection process

Choosing the right person to take care of your house is a crucial decision one makes. Tools like background checks that can provide more information, common sense social media and online searches, comprehensive interviews, and reference checks are the best way make a hiring decision for something as important as care. Used together, they provide a more complete picture of a person and will help you make a more informed decision. 


Personal interview with us to discuss the employee that you are looking for

We will start by putting you in contact with one of our professional counselors who will be sensitive to your needs. Our placement specialists will identify and present only candidates who meet your specific criteria.

You will also be advised by one of our lawyers who will explain to you your legal obligations with your employee and the labour regulations in Spain and the steps to hiring.


Screening through our candidates.

When we start looking and searching for your candidate you we will look for one that matches your requirements. You can be confident in knowing that we screen all references thoroughly. One of our professionally-trained placement specialists speaks personally with each reference, and a copy of all references will be provided to the family.


Step-by-Step Guidance throughout the Hiring Process

Unlike general web services, our agency provides our clients with personalized guidance through all of the phases of the placement process. Our staff is in constant contact with both the home keeper candidates and the client to assist with interview and trial, giving valuable feedback to all parties after meetings have taken place. We are also able to assist with identifying appropriate salaries, plus doing all paperwork for the final contract.


Support to Both Families and Home Helpers

Our trained staff of professionals is always available to assist with any concerns that may arise during the placement process. If the client or home helper has any questions, they may contact us at any time during the course of employment. At BCN Ideal Services, we strive to maintain our goal of achieving the highest success rate within the home helper/client relationship.


Background Checks

Online listing sites, by their very structure, are unable to thoroughly screen candidates. Online databases have no barriers to entry. These websites merely list available jobs and caregivers. At BCN Ideal Services each candidate must match a first set of requirements and have appropriate certificates for providing a specific service. All of our candidates run through a personal screening process before being presented to any client.


How to prepare

Once you’ve found the perfect home helper for your family, it is time to explain all the specific rules, like screen time guidelines, or show how everything works — like your complicated old dishwasher? You can’t be over-prepared when it comes to the care of your home.

Are you ready to enjoy your life in Barcelona?

Send us a message, we will call you back! 

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