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Choosing the right person to take care of your business is a crucial decision one makes. Tools like background checks that can provide more information, common sense social media and online searches, comprehensive interviews, and reference checks are the best way make a hiring decision for something as important as care. 
We are here to support your business, high professionals = high quality.

Logistics / Procurement

Additional service we recently provide to our clients such as schools and offices. We create a buying strategy that takes into account the company budget and necessary supplies and then find matching vendors where we buy all the stuff needed and deliver it to our client's premises.

Do you need a procurement manager to your office?

We can help you on this. Get a quote from us.

Book a 30 min call to our procurement team to discuss your need.
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Do you know that a clean and disinfected office not only looks good to your customers but can also help increase employee productivity by 30% according to a recent study?

Our team will provide you with expert, reliable and friendly service. Always!

High quality, support and perfect match

Tables and office furniture
Cleaning and disinfected toilets
Office floors
Windows and mirrors
Empty and cleaning of bins
Cleaning and organising the office kitchen

We strive to provide excellent service.

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Why to trust us?

Every service is tailor to your needs, requirements and situation. 

High Quality

We will make sure to find you the best premium staff for your company! 
Based on our years of experience and recruitment methodology, we are proud to offer a 5-star service


Our team will provide you with expert, reliable and friendly service. Always! 
Call us, email us, or send us a WhatsApp message; we are here to help you and support you in every step. We also have a legal team to help you with any labour regulations in Spain and the steps to hiring. 

Perfect Match

Choosing the right person to take care of your company is a crucial decision one makes.
We run background and reference check, and we have a legal team to ensure all go smoothly. 
Find out all our process 

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